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Project Plan

I tasked myself the task of making a video about some of the tools I use to aid in my Open Notebook Science. It will be featured on BenchFly and I will try and persuade some of the other big wigs in ONS to follow suit. I want to talk predominantly about OWW and it's usefulness for ONS. Things to discuss:

  • OWW notebook scheme
  • my organization
  • using the notebook
    • google docs
    • youtube
    • images

I will use camstudio to record everything I do on OWW and discuss what I am doing. I will make a script in Google Docs. There may be some post processing via Adobe Premier Pro. The hardest part will be the heavy promotion to get others to be involved as well. An "ad" campaign through friendfeed, benchfly, my blog, and Koch will be needed. More on this to come as I progress. This week I want to complete the video portion, at least with the camstudio requirements.