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KochLab Video

I've been wanting to do this for a while, and Andy asked me about this about a week ago so I started the project. I'm working to enable video on the KochLab website. Andy churns out videos by the buttload and I imagine it is annoying to upload all of them to youtube/benchfly. So this would allow us to have a place where low-impact videos can be viewed. Right now it is operational in a limited capacity here (scroll to the bottom).

Eventually I want it to have the basic functionality that youtube does. I want to have a playlist of videos under/next to the player and you can choose which video to watch and it loads it immediately in the player. I'm only interested in getting the basics to work so someone else down the line can improve the fuctionality. We are working with jwplayer and it has the ability to use an RSS style playlist. So from what I've read I will have to work with xml which didn't look too complicated. I'll be posting updates here in my notebook.