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We got the new laser yesterday and we are going to run some tests on it.


  • Power measured: 1.8W
  • Definitely polarized in horizontal. We used a PBS cube and got 1.75W out in one direction and 25mW in the other. Not too bad.
  • Beam Diameter:
    • 35mm away - 1.06mm (my measurement), .78mm (Pranav measurement), 1.4mm (Andy measurement)
      • You read that right, 3 different people measured the beam diameter and got three different numbers. We then put mine and pranav's numbers into some formula we found here and got numbers that resembled the 1.7 found in the manual.
    • 241.3mm away (9.5") - 0.9mm -> 1.35mm in the formula
    • 2540mm away (100") - 2.36mm -> 3.6mm (formula)
      • should be 2.6mm based on 1.7mm at aperture and dispersion formula accounting