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So yesterday we spent the day trying to put in a 1:1 telescope and trying to understand how conjugate focal planes work. We ended the day not knowing anything. I am struggling to grasp the difference between conjugate focal plane and imaging. I feel like they are the same, but I also feel like there is a key difference. Hopefully today's experiments resolve these issues. Today we are trying to continue where we left off.


We had a very simple setup. Laser --> AOM --> 2 Mirrors --> 1:1 telescope --> lens system on CCD --> CCD

No matter what we tried we couldn't verify that we were imaging the AOM. Nothing. This lead us to believe that we were doing something wrong, weren't imaging the AOM, and/or didn't know what conjugate planes were and how to form them.


Experiment 1

We scaled it back a little and removed the lens 1:1 telescope. We are using the beam expander at 2x and think we managed to image the AOM. It is very hard to be sure though. Pranav says that if we are indeed imaging the AOM then it doesn't matter where the telescope goes, we can always image the AOM.

Experiment 2

We are going to put the QPD where the CCD is and see what happens when we move the QPD in the z-direction.