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To take care of business until products start arriving, I will read papers about tweezers and advances in biology. I've been really bad about reading papers in the past and would like to change that horrible habit. I would like to read 3 papers a week in some capacity and hopefully I can read at least 1 per week. I might need some kind of Koch challenge to get it done.

Bead Movement by Kinesin via Optical Tweezers by Block from 1990

Not too much absorbed from this paper. This might have been the first or one of the first papers that analyzed single molecule kinesin movement so that was cool. They used 0.2um beads and I was looking for their trap setup and capabilities, but that is in another paper. The citations are annoying so I won't investigate for now.

Recent Advances in OT by Moffitt (a Bustamonte collaboration)

This is a review and I am looking for other papers to read from this. Summaries are nice too. Turns out this isn't the paper I thought it would be. It is a huge discussion about OT's and some common practices. It seems like it is written more as an intro to OT than a bunch of recent experiments and breakthroughs.


I found some cool papers that I will have to get to tomorrow. Here they are in case I lose the links: