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I have a slew of things to do today. We did some DOG analysis on Fri and I got the results from that. Today I will try to tether big beads to short DNA and if I can successfully tether we can try some find tether center stuff.

Results from last Week

I will put the results on the server at some point, but in the meantime here is a quick mock of the results:

  • 15.609
  • 9.9834
  • 15.358
  • 5.6078
  • 8.1154
  • 7.1963

These numbers are the slope of the linear region of the DOG signal. My guess is (because I haven't talked to Koch) is that the higher the slope the better. Unfortunately the files are just too big for Google Docs to convert, so I'll just have to leave them as is and upload them to the server.


I have been unsuccessful with tethering to 1.1kb tethers and I think the reason is because of surface interactions between the beads and the glass. My theory is that the force of repulsion is too great for the beads to get close enough to the surface to tether the DNA. I will do a few samples where I add salt to the beads so that they can get a little closer.

I have 4M salt and I will dilute it and do 4 samples:

  • 4mM NaCl with BGB
  • 4uM NaCl with BGB
  • 4nM NaCl with BGB
  • 4pM NaCl with BGB

I also made a new batch of DNA. I had to look through old notes and stuff, but I finally found the DNA was sitting in my laptop cooler. So I did a 1:100 dilution of DNA based on the results of tethering at different concentrations from back in Feb. Good Stuff.


There may be a problem with the 4mM NaCl sample. It wasn't as cloudy as the other mixtures indicating I didn't mix the beads enough prior to dilution.