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Redo of yesterday's experiments with Position ramping of stuck beads and power spectrum of free beads. Tethering of long dsDNA and short dsDNA later in the day.


Power spectrum didn't go so well, DOG went amazingly.

  • corner frequency decreases over time
  • may decrease depending on bead shape as well
  • got really good DOG data
  • might need to pause data taking when switching powers so that the AOM has time to reach stability

Tried to unzip TpBR too. Not so hot.

  • I feel like big beads don't flow as near the surface as smaller beads do
    • maybe they need more time to settle?
  • got a couple tether candidates. It started out as DOG and then the "tethers" broke. I doubt it unzipped, but maybe.

Data can be found here:

  • needs to be reformatted so that the data isn't cutoff
    • same problem as earlier today
    • Koch fixed this with programming magic.