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Data From Yesterday

Can be found here. We did position ramp module of 0.51um beads at different z-positions. According to the data in the summary file (,All segments report.html don't use Firefox to open) around 16mm is where the trap is the best. See notes from the top of the summary for which segments were taken at 16mm position.

Power Spectrum With 0.51um Beads

{{#widget:Google Spreadsheet |key=0Agbdciapt4QZdDZVY0JTUkRTWTI3RWFRRDQ5S1FCNnc |width=500 |height=300 }} These notes are unorganized, but according to my data (which I'll try and get online somehow) the power spectrum was also the best around 16mm. This correlates to the corner freq in the plot above as 176 (~10pN at 1W and 100nm). So at 2W we should be able to unzip. Not optimal, but doable. I will order new 1um beads to try power spectrum and position ramp with those beads (old ones are not spherically shaped).

I think I had a good method for doing this:

  • Grabbed a bead with the trap
  • focus the bead down to the surface of the glass.
    • When the bead fell out of the trap I was at the glass surface
  • locked the focus to prevent drift
  • adjusted the z position on the telescope to adjust where the beam waist was in relation to the focus