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I'm a little too lazy right now to make two separate pages, so I'm just going to throw everything I'm doing here into one page.

Molecular Comb Day 2

After yesterday I wanted to stretch DNA with yoyo staining. My collaborators gave me the DNA they have been working with and I then diluted it 1:10.


I diluted the yoyo-DNA 1:10, 1:100, 1:1000, 1:10000 and then placed 3ul of each on different silanized slides. I put a coverslip on all of them and allowed to evaporate for some time. One slide I put a drop on the other side to make sure that the frosted side of the slide was the silanized side.


Inconclusive. There was just a green background. I couldn't tell if anything was stuck so I just assumed that I failed.

Further Experiments

I will use my own lambda DNA and my own yoyo staining and try this experiment again in high salt. My hope is that I will get to single molecule detection. We shall see.

Stretching DNA experiment

Pranav and I did a lot of alignment yesterday and he finished the job today. We are going to try to stretch DNA and get some feedback working.

DNA Tethering

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Possible Results