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Today begins the push for data for the tweezers. I feel like we made many accomplishments last week and today we continue those achievements with more. We are going to attempt tethering and unzipping of the TpBR (unzippable plasmid). Here we go.


I start by cleaning glass:

  • Sonicator with water and alconox for 480 seconds
  • Rinse slides
  • Air dry

I cleaned 4 slides and 4 coverslips and made flow cells out of them. I have an old bunch of anti-dig and BGB so I will make more of that. For the BGB I have already made, but not yet purified stuff so I will purify that into an eppi. The anti-dig gets diluted 1:10 in PBS. Next I prepare a sample of beads by diluting 1:20 in BGB (for bead samples I use water) and then I sonicate for ~15s.

Then I tether: {{#widget:Google Spreadsheet |key=0Agbdciapt4QZdFdPSm1ONE16MGo4QldDTWI0QTJNZUE |width=500 |height=300 }}

Other Version of Tethering

<html><iframe height="300px" width="500px" src=""></iframe></html>
It looks pretty cool, but I don't know how to get the checks to be permanent. I'll stick with my spreadsheet for now.