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This is going to be my notebook page for today with this project. I decided to setup my notes to give the appearance of a paper. I think it works pretty well as a non-peer reviewed publication that is Google searchable (after all in this day and age all you need is to search for something since journals are a thing of the past). Anyways all my stuff will be provided here in my normal awesome levels of detail.

Prep work

Since it's been a little while since I've worked with these samples I need to get reacquainted with my stuff. Here is what I have and know:

  • I have 9.8nM of lambda DNA in I think 30ul but may now be around 20ul.
    • It actually looks like it is closer to 30ul.
  • I want to do about double the molarity of the QDs to the molarity of my lambda DNA.
    • So in solution I want ~20nM QDs
  • I then want to dilute my sample about 10x as a preliminary starting point.

The Google Docs widget doesn't seem to work since I switched to the new version of google docs and so I'm having trouble. In the meantime just go to this link.