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Earlier notes taken here.

Plan Details

Initial plans involve me using the S400 columns to isolate the DNA from free qdots. I am looking into how feasible this is. According to the manual supplied with the columns, the columns work by size exclusion. Larger stuff moves through way faster than smaller stuff. One bit of info leads me to believe this will not work though because there is a 20x rule and I quote:

The best results will be obtained when the product being purified is at least 20 times larger than the largest impurity. If the difference in size is less than 20-fold, either purity or yield may be compromised.

It then follows that purity is inversely proportional to yield. I think that in our case we don't care too much about yield and want good purity since have free floating qdots is no good. In the above quotes our qdots would be the impurity they speak of.

Plan Execution