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Here is a look at the inside of the box. The controller is on the top lid and the power supply is on the bottom lid.
Here is a look at the closed box. Notice the lone LED. It actually isn't wired to anything right now, but in case I want to wire it so that it is "on" when the power supply is "on" then I have this option.

I'm nearly done with the Temp Cooler from TE Tech. I have one more part to solder and that is the thermocouple. I have a red wire and a black wire and there is nothing in the manual about which wire gets connected to the controller. I emailed TE Tech to see what's up. While I wait for a reply, here are some pictures of the housing for the controller and the power supply. It should be noted that the wires I received are awfully short and this would mean the power supply box must be near the cooler itself. I don't think this is so bad though.