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Sorry for the late update. I had a very busy day so busy in fact that I didn't have time to even write in my notebook.Today was a good day of Tweezer construction.

Andy and I started the morning by putting the laser port from Microscope 2 into Microscope 1 (which is in the tweezer lab). We then had to rearrange the sample stage area for the new adjustment. There is still some adjusting to do but that will get done in no time. Pranav then continued the awesomeness with realignment. We moved the micrscope closer to the laser and the computers. Pictures to come.

I started my day even before arriving at work. I went to Walker Electronics and picked up some supplies for the TEC. My day was broken up in the middle because I had to go to class and present this. When I returned I got started on putting the TEC together. I still have a lot to do, but I got most of the housing work done. Again pictures to come.

I wanted to take pictures and post results as I worked, for a kind of step-by-step posting, but I just forgot. Maybe tomorrow I can try it. I'll set up an Evernotebook and a friendfeed room for notes. I don't think I'll do both though.