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Heating Test

Andy found some huge ass fins in the lab last night so we are trying to see what kind of cooling we get with it. Not too much information here. I'm just putting the fins on the laser and running it at 3W and seeing what the max temp is and how long it takes to heat up. If I can I will put a fan up and see if I can use that too cool. This is just to see if we can get by without the TEC thing from yesterday.

Sin Fan

Starting T: 74F
Final T: 80F
Time to reach final T: over 50 min
I'm keeping vague stats. I'm sure the temp will continue to rise, and I'll record whatever T it is at when I leave, but for now it is at 80F and took a while to get to so the fins are doing something. I think a fan could work well though and the worst case scenario is we get that TEC from yesterday.

Update: It got up to 82.3F at 3W. The T stopped rising at some point and hovered around 80F and I noticed that the power had dropped to 2W. I increased it back to 3W and the temp rose to what I documented in this update.

Con Fan

Andy quickly fashioned a ghetto fan and I am running it to see how long the T will drop. Results to come.

I have to go, but it seems the lowest T this will go after running for 20 min is around 78F. Better but not best. More to come tomorrow.

Camera Mount

I'll post pictures when I get them.