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List of Stuff We Could Buy

It seems there are lots of used machines which could bring the cost of a good machine down considerably.

  • See here.
  • Multigene Mini Thermalcycler - change T at 5C/s and evenly heats at +/-0.3C. $2850.
  • MJ Research Thermal Cycler PTC-200 w Dual Alpha - Osley Lab has a similar machine, but not with dual blocks. That is cool. $3750, used.
  • More hits here
  • There are two brands available in the VWR catalog we have.
    • Eppendorf makes several models I'm guessing the personal one is what we are going for since we don't need like 90 wells. This runs about $4000
    • Endurance series is another cycler that looks better than the Eppendorf one. Also personal style. Can't remember price right now.

I'll post more when I have time.