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Heating and Cooling the Laser

For our first experiment we are going to heat and cool the laser from around 65F to 85F and take results. To heat the laser we are using a household iron sitting a few millimeters from the laser body (no direct contact). To cool the laser we are placing an aluminum block directly on the laser. The block initially was in the freezer, but to keep it cold we are placing it in liquid nitrogen.

Live Results

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The pictures above correspond to the spreadsheet below. Pictures are labeled numbers for easy and quick writing. {{#widget:Google Spreadsheet |key=tccwGfHyb5u0IOiiMQJvaZA |width=500 |height=300 }}

Some Comments

After Picture 13 we let the laser heat up naturally. I took a picture every 5 degrees to see what T the laser starts to look bad. At 80 degress, Pranav moved the camera and we had to put it back. The last two pictures reflect this.

One Last Look

Steve Koch 08:28, 3 April 2010 (EDT): Did you have conclusions? My quick looking, every good profile I picked out was 55 and every bad one 85 F.