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The boss really knows how to motivate. After seeing a couple of great emails from him this morning I immediately knew what I must do... become acquainted with the tweezers. And so today this is what I will do.

Twice the fun

In the morning I'm hoping to primarily work with dsDNA and maybe do some stretching. In the afternoon I'm going to work with the unzipping tethers and play around with those.


I tend to get lost when I work with the tweezers. This will go away with time and practice. The only way to do that is to work with them and I can't be afraid to tinker. I have to realize nothing really bad can happen. The worst case scenario is I crash the software. I think I know enough to start playing and I just have to get familiar with the programs modules and layout. Here we gooooo.


<html><iframe height="400px" width="800px" src=""></iframe></html> I like taking notes on friendfeed. It is great for organization and quickies. Also good for compiling various web tasks.