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Half the prep is getting my notebook ready and this was tough. It took me a while to figure out the feeds of Evernote, but I got it. To access your RSS you need:

  1. share your notebook
  2. go to the public notebook
  3. find the feed icon and then copy the feed url
  4. paste that in friendfeed or wherever you want

Ok here is what I need to do:

  • flow beads. What I did last time seemed to work nicely as far as limiting stuck beads. I flowed BGB first and then flowed beads diluted in water.
  • determine trapping quality
  • run software
  • view beads
  • acquire power spectrum


<html><iframe height="400px" width="800px" src=""></iframe></html> I had the atom feed and the iframe trying to compare the two methods, and it is way better to just frame the friendfeed room I created instead of displaying the feed. Framing lets you look at all my compiled notes while the feed just displays the title of each "post".

For Tomorrow

Koch thinks we can go ahead and try unzipping tomorrow. I will write up a page in the morning and get to work, but here are some initial thoughts on what I need to get done:

  • 3 experimental samples - I will make 2 samples with double chambers using the double stick method.
    • just beads
    • dsDNA tethers 1.1kb
    • tpBR
  • I would like to analyze the beads only just to see if I have any better "results" than I did today
  • dsDNA tethers would be nice to get some stretching data
  • obviously tpBR is what we are ultimately trying for. I will do the just beads with the tpBR and do the beads like i'm doing the control (no DNA) but I won't wash after and I'll use diluted beads.