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With the Project Lambda stuff trickling in and with preliminary data a must and not much else Biologically to do, this is the first in a series of many where Tweezing is THE task at hand. At some point the parts we ordered to improve the trap will come in and we will need to upgrade. In the mean time it is all tweezing all the time. Today I will do a little power spectrum and tomorrow Koch will work on unzipping with Pranav and myself. I will need to come up with a list of tasks to keep myself focused. So all that will go on this page, until I get a program to manage my tasks nicely.

Task App

I downloaded Astrid because the RTM app requires the pro version and there is no Toodledo app for Android yet. I will have to look and see if there is a way to share tasks through Astrid.


I would like to do a little power spectrum studies with Pranav before he leaves this morning. I have no real focus other than to practice what Koch showed me a week ago. This includes:

  • power data
  • spreadsheet analysis
  • working with little and big beads


Koch said he would work with Pranav and myself to practice unzipping. This requires:

  • unzipping DNA (need to dilute)
  • maybe stretching DNA (have at low concentrations)
  • performing tethering experiments
  • determining success of tethering
  • practicing unzipping - requires Koch