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The Notebook looks really promising and I'm going to spend the day adding a bunch of stuff and testing out certain features. I want to see how comparable it is to the wiki and if it is in fact better.

What OWW offers

  • Searching (through Google)
  • Categorizing
  • page links (the ability to connect pages in my notebook internally)
  • html modification or addition
  • css modification
  • uploading images


I am going to copy a bunch of stuff from my OWW notebook and try and replicate it in Zoho. I will try and emulate or beat what OWW brings to the table. I will publish what I get here. The only annoying thing that I can think of right now is navigation through my notes for an external user. I'm sure Koch and other lab members would see a list of notebooks they can edit that I've created, but what about a general audience like people from FriendFeed? Unless I can link notebooks together easily, there won't be a way for them to access my stuff. It would seem silly to have to use OWW for container purposes, but maybe that would be all I need...


<html><iframe src='' width='800px' height='600px'></iframe><br> <iframe src='' width='800px' height='600px'></iframe><br> <iframe src='' width='800px' height='600px'></iframe></html>


It seems to have some potential. At one point I copy and pasted from a page with an iframe and the iframe pasted into the Zoho notebook. I thought that was interesting. At the moment I can't link pages in different notebooks. I can embed them, but that is kinda ugly and hard visually. I can publish pages and then link to them as well but it is easier in OWW to do that. At the moment I'd say OWW is better than Zoho Notebooks, and if an update is indeed coming then it will be only better.