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This poster might be made last minute (or at least a part is) depending on what get's done this week. If I can tweeze something that information will be included otherwise I will have to work with what I have.

To include

  • Tweezer Design
  • Shotgun Cloning
  • Unzipping Construction
  • Tethering
  • Possible:
    • Unzipping
    • Simulation Comparison


I need a poster template or at least some size details. I can probably draw it up or something, and actually can do it in Illustrator, but Powerpoint would be easiest.

I was thinking of doing a 3 column format like Andy's Texas poster with each column being some project aspect. One column for the Mol Bio, one column for Tweezer info and tethering, and one column for Unzipping. Of course if I don't get to that then I will need to restructure. I'll do a mock in google docs for layout and ideas.