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There is a lot to think about with tethering and I have to get used to thinking about all of it when I do this stuff. Yesterday was a decent success. Koch suggested an experiment where I do stuck beads and jigglers vs DNA concentration. So that is what I will do. I have class so I may not get to all of it.


I have lots of 1.1kb stretching DNA so I will use that stuff. Here is what I am referring to:
<html><iframe width="450" height="400" frameborder="1" src=""></iframe><iframe width="450" height="400" frameborder="1" src=""></iframe></html> I suspect that the PCR stuff was never purified and so that may have to do with the large amounts of sticking yesterday. I will purify the PCR tubes (the successful ones) and run another gel to verify. Then I will make dilutions. I will probably get to the tethering tomorrow because of class and such.

Nanodrop Result

  1. Tube 1 - 511ng/ul
  2. Tube 2 - 194ng/ul
  3. Mix of tubes - 440ng/ul

Even though the nanodrop isn't being a bitch today, I don't completely trust the results and I'm going to guess that the concentration is 300ng/ul in my mixed tube which I labeled 1.1kb dig-bio.

Gel Result

Until I get the camera working again, I will have to just say what I saw.

The gel came out nicely. I let it run for 12 min so there wasn't a great deal of separation in the bands on the 1kb ladder. There was enough separation to distinguish the bottom 3 bands (the middle of which is the 1kb band). I used 1ul of purified DNA. The band was brighter than the brightest band on the ladder. Nanodrop to come this afternoon. Cause I have class now.


In framing news, I wonder how I could frame a page but exclude all the ridiculous OWW template stuff from my frame. I think it is silly to include that stuff in a frame especially since it takes up a large portion of my window. I know there has to be code or a link that will allow such.
Update: So above you can see I managed to do just that. I got the printable version of the pages' url and pasted that in there. As a programming note I think you replace the /wiki with /index.php?title= and add a &printable=yes to the end.

Just a test:
<html><iframe width="800" height="200" frameborder="1" src=""></iframe></html>
I am testing what a permanent link does. It seems just makes the page crappier. So it is important to have the /index.php?title= remark in the url and after page names there is a variable &command where command is something you want like a printable version of the page, an editing portion (action i believe), permanent link (&oldid=). You learn something new every day. Koch can the lab buy me a book on HTML, after BPS?

  • Ramalldf 20:28, 11 February 2010 (EST):Whoa neat! I'm going to have to play around with this some. This can be really useful especially since a lot of the time I repeat protocols and linking old pages was ok, but I hated having two pages open when I want to read the new and old entries. Nice job!
    • Steve Koch 23:55, 11 February 2010 (EST): Agree this is a really great idea! Never occurred to me but makes so much sense to have the actual information visible there. Sweet!

Also, Delayed Write Failed is driving me up the wall!

I finally realize the true importance of tags. I have to sift through Brian's notebook looking for old information. I could categorize things, but making categories is cumbersome. Tagging the page would be hugely beneficial. I could easily see an implementation where each user has his own tags so anyone can tag any page with anything they want and it wouldn't mess with other's tags. For example if I tagged a page DNA (something general for an example) I would only see a list of pages that I've tagged that instead of everyone who has tagged a page with DNA. Make sense? For all intents, Categories works ok and I like having pages organized by categories, but tagging could be user specific at the very least so I could go to my watchlist and my tags.