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I have been not able to make inverted pictures quickly. I will spend some time this morning to figure out how to do it properly so I can henceforth do it quickly. If that would please the Royalty...


My gel making beaker had cracks all in it so I had to come up with a new mechanism. This new technique was not very good and I got bubbles all in my gel. I tried my best to remove them or at least push them to the side. Keep this in mind in case it looks like the gel from yesterday.
Drum role please...

Another failure. It's ok. I'm going to Osley's tonight and will do a divalent cation gradient (from 1.5mM to 4mM I suppose) and will get to use a good PCR machine. I'll do some planning (I realized the other day that preplanning is kinda redundant) this afternoon. Then I will spend the rest of my day tethering. Hope all goes well.

BTW, the above picture was super easy to do in Photoshop. It was literally 2 steps to get to the inverted image and a little bit of finagling to do the side-by-side. I'll look into scripts tomorrow to have this done automatically from now on, or maybe a LabView program? I don't know. But I want to do it myself with only input from Koch and no doing from anyone but me. Could be a fun little project.