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It is the beginning of the semester and I need to develop a plan to figure out how I am going to juggle my life. In the fold is working out, 2 classes, research as always, and eating. For working out I am planning on doing M-W-F from 12-2 (that is when the gym opens) but leaving here at 1130 and probably returning at 130. My two classes are T-Th 12:30-1:45 and 4:00-5:00. So it looks like those two days will be unproductive in the afternoon with only 2 hours to get things done. I will need to plan what I am going to do before hand so I stay productive during that span. MWF is going to be the days to get a lot of stuff done. I absolutely need to stay uberproductive at least until Feb 18 which is Stef's birthday, but also because I leave for BPS the next day. Here is what I expect to do in the next 5 (including this week) weeks.

Secret Project (Codename: Jasper)

According to Victor I should expect the new primers that I developed last week to be here by Thursday. Once those come in I will work diligently to get the PCR working. Then I will give to Prof X and let him do his job. I will preplan for this this afternoon so that I can be prepared when the oligos arrive.


I have ligated product which hopefully has anchor DNA. Only tethering will reveal the truth. This is what I need to spend the bulk of my time doing. I need to get tethering working properly and I will only spend 2 weeks at the most doing this. After that time I will just tether and try unzipping because I want to have some kind of data for the conference. If I have time I will have to ligate more Shotgun Clones for unzipping, but this is a big if. The other thing will be to incorporate the AOM and make this puppy run nice and perdy like.