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Here we go ladies and gents, this is the first try with working Anchor and Adapter of the ligation of the tether construct. Let's hope this works!


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  • 30' - added 1uL
  • 60' - added 1uL
  • 90' - added 1uL
  • 120' - added 1uL
  • 150' - added 2ul

Take out after 3 hours.

Gel Results

I have just learned that leaving SYBR Safe out can cause it to photobleach... duh! Also it is good for 6 months. Since I'm over 6 months and it's been sitting out for so long (I can't remember when I got rid of the box) this explains why my gels suck. I ordered some new stuff, but let's see how this gel comes out.

Look really hard and you'll see:

  1. 1kb ladder
  2. 3x 1kb ladder
  3. ligation

I gel extracted the band nearest the plasmid DNA band. Monday we'll find out if this worked!