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It is finally time to get this poster ball rolling. With the arrival of the AOM days away, the new detector, and finally the Shotgun clones I can begin the final second-to-last phase of this project. Sadly I am at the point I was a year ago, but this time I have had much more success after a quiet summer. I will need to prepare the clones for some ligation to the construct, and then I will ligate them to the construct. Then (if it all works on the 1st try which is not likely to happen) in a few days I can tether and try my hand at unzipping. But first let's plan this thing out:

Determining Molarity of Shotgun Fragments

This is what I must do first.

It seems like I never purified the DNA after Sap digestion and I am getting really funky numbers (ie: SapD=1287ng/ul). I just checked and the results are inconclusive, but the samples smell not like elution buffer so I'm guessing I'm right. Also my lack of notebooking skills in my first 3 months of going public really suck and I leave out a lot of crucial information. I have learned a lot in a year.

Anyways, I will purify the fragments and then try this part again.

Ligation of Sap Cap Plan

So I failed on this thing, but I will work on this again tomorrow.