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Digital Heat Block

Koch says its a good idea to get 2 so I will be looking into this. I ordered two from RPI Corp (thanks to Andy!) and 4 heat blocks, 2 that fit 1.5ml tubes and 2 that fit 0.5ml tubes.

S-400 Columns

I know I have been looking at getting these before and somehow didn't. And to make matters worse I can remember two occasions of me doing this. Anyways I will want to get these as well. Good to have in the lab.

I have found them (at GE) and I am looking into the techs of it.

I ordered one order of these columns.

Gel Extraction of Large DNA (>10kb)

So far I have found two methods one is a kit from Roche as you can see here. The kit allows you to extract fragments up to 100kb and the yield of fragments >10kb is about 60% according to the site. Not too bad.

(In other news I have found that they have a kit that does ligations in 5min, sounds cool.)

The other method is called Electroelution and there is a protocol for it here.

I also want to see if there is a way to size exclude DNA fragments, like if I could run a column that would allow me to keep anything larger than like 2kb but lose anything smaller than that.

I ordered the kit from Roche.


I also ordered 0.51um diameter beads from Bangs Labs. In the effort to recreate old data I will try tethering with fluorescent beads (because that is what the old ones were).