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I have done an assortment of things today which I will discuss below.

Shotgun Clones

I went over to Osley Lab to get my Shotgun Clones from a year ago. It took some time to find it all (it was moved to an old freezer, where bad DNA samples go to be forgotten) and I got to catch up with the lab. I grabbed both boxes of stuff. One had my shotgun clones and digested clones. The other had a ton of other stuff that I have to go back and figure out.

Enclosure for Lab Microscope

Front view of the enclosure and the microscope.
Back of enclosure with divider between microscope and mercury lamp housing.

Andy started on this project last week to make an enclosure around our second microscope (in the main lab) to prevent airflow from disrupting his experiments. I came in today and helped finish it off. The back is designed to allow the mercury lamp to vent away from the microscope. There is an exhaust for the condensor lamp, but Andy didn't think it was necessary to put a hole in the top, so we left it as you see it here.

San Francisco (Boston)

I keep calling the Biophysical Society Meeting Boston despite the fact it is in San Francisco this year. It will always be Long Beach to me anyways. Anywho, we bought our flights and hotels and are all set (outside of making the poster).

  • Ramalldf 06:14, 5 January 2010 (EST):Nice! Since I didn't get a response from you about this on an old email I figured that you guys would be going to the APS meeting this year instead. Anyways, we'll have to hang out.