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It is not the best quality image, and the ligation didn't work as planned, but there is a band there. I think the reaction had faults. First there wasn't as much plasmid as there should have been. Second, I used more adapter than usual (per molar of plasmid). Also this image wasn't allowed to stain for too long. After staining for a while I gel extracted. Also the smear I'm seeing, I don't know how to explain. I didn't see the smear after further staining, so I'm chalking that up to bio gods tampering. I will gel extract and label for shipment to DS. Koch you wanna send it?

After nanodrop, the yield is 3.9ng/ul or 1.625nM. Hooray again! It is in Ant Box #1 (in the -20) and is labeled upBR DS 3.9ng/ul.