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Doug Smith is doing some really cool research and he asked us a while back to give him some unzipping DNA that is tetherable. I gave him some of my stuff and it didn't work (this was Osley lab unzipping stuff). So now I am making new shit and it will work, because I have showed I can make it.

Stage 1 pBR322 digestion

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I showed Brian how to setup a digestion and let him go to work. Tomorrow we will gel extract the correct piece.


Koch told me that Doug Smith may have wanted long fragments. I was thinking that doing ligation of plasmid with SapI digestion may do the trick because you can get concatamers. If you let the reaction go long enough you probably can get a couple really big ones. I also mentioned to him last night that we may want to do "ligation on a slide." For this scenario it would be more worthwhile if Doug does the ligation himself.