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  1. Another batch to send to Doug. - Steve Koch
  2. What's EarI site on Lambda DNA? - Steve Koch
  3. Evan's tweezers? Need bigger beads probably for >20 pN - Steve Koch
  4. AOM system quote from Neos. We want 1-D AOM for 1064 nm, relatively small beam size. Whole system includes: AOM crystal module; direct digital synthesis (preferrably PCI card; actually we may not need this, we just want to make sure frequency is very stable); RF amplifier. Eddie Young may still be the guy to talk with. Just amplitude modulation (quick), not deflection. - Steve Koch
  5. one initial thing could just be non-velocity clamp unzipping as a good setup for testing helicase - Steve Koch
  6. we can use crappy (jumpy) velocity clamp for initial unzipping, and then switch to piezo ramp (no power modulation) for the SDM unzipping (can use the serial command to switch powers so it's not jumpy) - Steve Koch
  7. Drift with the periscope (or other element) is probably still a problem - Steve Koch
  8. Actually, with the isolator, maybe the power modulator would also be good - Steve Koch
  9. Think about the On-Trak QPD system (it's nice because it has adjustable gain) - Steve Koch
  10. get tethering to work reliably (figure out sonicator) - Steve Koch