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Apparently Google Docs will mess up everything if you sort columns, so I will do this in Excel and upload to a Google Doc. I think worst case scenario I will upload to Microsoft Live and display from there.


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It took me a while to get this up here because of formatting issues with Google Docs, but here is my summary. I am having Brian compile his data with mine and that should be up soon as well. Once I look at the data from Brian's end, I want to make a position map of the best places to put your tube. Of course for this more data will be needed.


As you can see, it never gets anywhere near 94C. That isn't a terrible thing, because PCR and annealing work, but I may also just be lucky. Also of note is that 72C is not that big of a problem. The real problem is at 60C. A lot of the positions don't ever get to 60C and a couple are waaaay to high. It will be evident in Brian's data, because there are some values that are just ridiculously high. (He gets stuff in the 80's C). Anyways, there is more to come so stay tuned...