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10x Annealing Buffer

1x Anneal Buffer is:

  • 10mM Tris
  • 1mM EDTA
  • 50mM NaCl

I want to make a 10x stock for easy addition to reactions. My final solution volume will be 500ml, so here is what I need:

  1. 100mM Tris
  2. 10mM EDTA
  3. 500mM NaCl
  4. Rest with H2O

I have a 100x Concentrate of TE buffer (Tris- EDTA) and 4M NaCl. So here is my recipe:

  • 50ml 100x TE
  • 62.5ml 4M NaCl
  • 387.5ml H2O (autoclaved and distilled)