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I spent the majority of this afternoon setting Brian up for his new DNA project. As I wrote on his notebook page, he will be getting his hands dirty with PCR. To start off the project I helped him setup his bench for things he'll need and then I gave him a little homework assignment before doing anything physical. Here is what we did:

  • Gave him his own set of tips.
  • Gave him his own set of pipetters.
  • Gave him some DI water, and found out mine was contaminated.
  • Cleaned off his bench.
  • Autoclaved some eppendorf tubes, both 1.5ml and 0.5ml.
  • Gave him a box (with his name on it) for the freezer. Stocked it with things he'll use:
    • primers (all 4) stock and 10uM stocks
    • template DNA
    • 10x PCR buffer -MgCl2
    • MgCl2
  • showed him where to get Taq
  • showed him where to get replacement buffers
  • showed him where dNTPs are (aliquots)
  • gave him a homework assignment

His assignment is to create a Basic PCR Template so that he can quickly and easily create new reaction documents. Basically I want to see a document that lists starting concentrations, final concentrations, and volumes of each component for 100ul reactions and for the mastermix.

I think tomorrow I will have Brian use the nanodrop and from the alpha DNA stocks I will have him make his own 10uM stocks of the primers. The reason for this is that I use the primers as well, and instead of me going into his box for the components he should just have his own. This shouldn't be too hard, except one of the primers is unlabeled with the concentration and I don't know the molecular weight of the stuff. How can I get that information?