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Run at 16C with ___nM additions of Adapter duplex every 30' until adapter is equimolar with anchor and plasmid.

After the reaction, I will gel extract the top band if there is one. I think I will do this reaction as a small reaction first (trial run) this way I don't lose all my plasmid DNA in one shot. Then if it looks promising I will ligate again but with all of it. Comments?


I learned today that Google Voice is a real piece. I signed up a while ago and decided to give it some time before I got a google number. I then (a couple days ago) went through the setup process to get my google number to learn you can use your own number but with limited features. I decided to go this route, but now want the google number option again. Apparently there is no way to switch over which seems like it would be really easy to do if you have no google number. They say they are working on this. Sigh.