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It's a good idea for me if I write an intro down and possibly some transitions and memorize them. The reasoning is so that I can get off to a good start and keep it rolling. Also I want to write down some transitions because right now some of them are awkward.


{Note: I may remove the open part of the title because I haven't found a way to incorporate it into the talk. Maybe this weekend I will add that.)

Without mentioning Open Science:

Today I am going to discuss a single molecule technique for analyzing DNA. The background experiments were developed by Dr. Koch during grad school. We call this Shotgun DNA Mapping and basically we want to map DNA sequence locations in a genome by unzipping the DNA. In order to do this Dr. Koch developed the unzipping construct, and it turns out that this construct enables us to perform many different experiments that could all be major impact studies. (Next Slide.) So I have begun to discuss Shotgun DNA Mapping and I will describe more about it a little later, but first I would like to highlight the lab's other research interest and that is Kinesin...(continue to describe the image and then switch slides).