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I am basically starting from scratch and on my own, but I am going to try and learn how to grow Kinesin in the lab. I read some stuff in the Protocols of Molecular Biology book we have and also found some interesting things.

Important Links

  • Kuznetsov paper detailing the extraction of kinesin from cow brains.
  • Kinesin Protocols book. In Chapter 4 (or section cause the book is labeled weirdly), there is a protocol about expression and extraction of Kinesin from E. coli


  • Growth in E. coli is achievable, maybe that should be obvious but it wasn't for me so shut up.
  • pBluescript can probably be used. That is pretty sweet.
  • from the KP book, it doesn't look like a crazy process.
  • Need to get the gene that makes the kinesin that we want. We first would need to pick which gene we would and then ask someone and then get it.

I'll have more in the days coming...