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Today I am going to document the making of my photohood. It will be awesome.


  • Transilluminator
  • Filter (either orange filter for lens or orange cover for illuminator)
  • Bucket
  • Camera
  • Mounting bracket


You need to start with a bucket. I found this one at Lowes:
[[Image:insert picture here]]
Drill a large hole in the top of the bucket (this will be what the camera looks through) and another smaller hole (for maybe a 1/4-20 screw). Make sure your bracket has a 1/4-20 hole mount for the camera since that is the standard size for the tripod mount of the camera.

Next you will want to mount the bracket onto the bucket. Then attach your camera. We use the Canon SD430 because it has wireless capabilities. We can remote shoot, wirelessly transfer images, etc. So far the camera has been kind of a nuisance, but it still has potential. We also have a huge clunker in the Canon SX100 which has a 10x Optical Zoom. It is no god at taking close pics but I haven't tried the macro mode yet.

Sample Gel Images