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I have no physical proof, maybe there is a video somewhere, but I tethered TpBS (which stands for tetherable pBS DNA) to a cover slide using normal tethering protocol.

We were able to visualize tethers using .5 micron beads. We tried to unzip said tethers. We did not succeed. But we may have some kind of data.

Steve Koch 22:42, 14 July 2009 (EDT): I think it's a 50% chance that those were tethers. They did indeed look like jiggling unzipping tethers. Plus there were many more than one of them. On the other hand, doubts arise due to: (a) they weren't uniform starting length, (b) very low density, and (c) didn't unzip. The latter could be due to tweezers problems. A really good thing to try next is to use 10x the DNA. Plus we need to make PBS and resuspend the antidig w/o tween. We should make note of whether we need more antidig too. Finally, I think we did take a couple quick videos, which are stored on a mapped drive on kochlab-daq2 (c:\movies from live feed). BTW: Did you ever see this?
Anthony Salvagno 14:00, 15 July 2009 (EDT):That article was hilarious.