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I will also check out the VWR and Fisher Catalogs

Here is a DIY system: DIY Gel Documentation

Seeing that DIY setup makes me want to make one. Maybe I will. The big issue will be to get some kind of enclosure. I like a conical hood, but a big box or a blackout cloth could suffice. What say others?


Steve Koch 22:45, 23 June 2009 (EDT)Things you found above and emailed to me seem pretty promising. The hood from (peca I think) seemed really cheap, and the guy really helpful, so it didn't really seem worth making the hood. Picking the perfect camera is more challenging. I was intrigued by the wireless camera you found with remote control access--but hard to know whether it's convenient to use or not. If you find a good wireless uploading camera, I'd probably want two, so we can use one for general lab experiment documentation w/o having to worry about uploading. Good work finding all this stuff.