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HAHAHA, I know. What do I need to practice for? I have all that awful experience from Osley Lab of gel makings. They still haunt my dreams.

The reason is that we are using the SYBRsafe stuff here at KochLab and I have never used it before. Should be fun. I get to play with all new toys now. Let's see how this goes...


According to the makers, SYBRsafe can be used to cast a gel. That will cut the time down a lot. Sweet!


It sucks when you don't plan ahead too much. Things I needed to do:

  1. Gel composition is .5g agarose and 50mL of 1x TAE with SYBRsafe (for staining).
  2. prepare DNA ladder - 1uL ladder, 1uL 6x loading dye, 4uL water
  3. prepare sample - 1uL 5x loading dye, 4uL pRL574
  4. make 1x TAE - 100mL 10x TAE (stock), 900mL H2O
  5. figure out how to use power supply (see below)

Tomorrow I will get organized. Right now everything is kinda a mess. I will claim one of the benches as my own. It will be awesome.

Power Supply

This is what I know thus far without reading instructions. There is a button on the front that looks like a power button. Press that. In the Set box use the arrows to change voltage, amps, or time (?). This needs to be preset before pushing the Run button. I set the gel for 115V. We'll see how that goes. Press Run to run the power supply.

Gel Images