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Emailing with Koch

From: Me

Hey I was thinking we needed some other stuff for molecular biology. Competent E coli cells, plasmid (pBluescript), and QIAPrep kit (I think Andy ordered 3 Qiaquick kits). I had more earlier but I can't remember what I wanted to get. Should I go ahead and order this stuff? Also did you add more money to the CRLS account? Last I saw (Tuesday) the account was down to $130 or something close. Can you add to my sad list?

From Koch:

Yeah we should order these, good thinking. No shit, down to 130 already?! I can add more money later today. But we also need to figure out how much money we have left for the year and project our spending / consumption. I don't know a good way to do that yet...


I will look into these various products and write what I find. Things to order:

  1. QiaPrep Spin Kit (250 columns) $367.91 through CRLS
  2. Owl B1A Gel System - $353 through Owl (maybe cheaper through CRLS)
  3. pBluescript - $327 through Statagene
  4. Competent Cells - This looks pretty good.

I ordered:

  • Qiaprep kit (50 columns)
  • Owl gel system