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Project Stuff

I've been leary about posting stuff non work related that are in development. I don't know why because I am open and open people post openly. I guess I don't want my ideas stolen. Anyways I will come out with it today because I am not closed.

  • I have been working on little tiny projects at work. My last official post was about making microtubules. That was the last biological thing I have done. Last week I ordered a bunch of enzymes and electrophoresis stuff to get the biolab started. Andy has been working on the tweezers and today I hope to help him out.
  • I've slowly been preparing for my Candidacy exam for my PhD. I had some innovative things to work on for my talk, but I will have to save them for my dissertation. For now it has been discussed that I will go live with my A exam. By this I mean I will webcam my talk and will field questions from people all over the internet. Hopefully friends from Friendfeed will view and ask away. I look foward to it.
  • Also last week I received Adobe CS4! I want to learn Flash and will do so until the wetlab is finished construction. I will also have to work around all my little side projects as well. Flash is one of the ways I would like to innovate presentations. I don't really know what I want to do yet, but my talk will be great!
  • In order to get CS4 Koch made a deal with me. I had to learn how to use a molecular rendering software to go along with my own wantings of learning Flash. I agreed and so Koch and I have been trying to get PyMol to our lab.
  • The final thing is that yesterday I spent a good portion of the day learning how to make stereoscopic images. This is another thing that I would like to incorporate in a talk of mine. I will work on this in the future as well. Maybe today I will try and produce one, but I need to get some 3D glasses first!

Other Stuff

  • Within the past couple of weeks I have been traveler extraordinaire. I visited Florida the weekend of May 16. Two weekends later I went to the grand canyon (pictures on Flickr). Last weekend I went to Denver to celebrate my turning 25. I have been slow to getting stuff done and am trying to catch up now.

Focus For Today

  • I need to be the #1 Salvagno on Google. It's nice that I am when searching for Salvagno science, but I need to be the number 1 Salvagno period. More recognition will go to science if a search on my last name will provide me number one instead of all those posers. So expect lots of posting from now on.
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