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  1. Marker
  2. SapD (Steve Koch: Incomplete digestion?)
  3. Sap14
  4. Sap16
  5. Sap21
  6. SappBS (Steve Koch: Incomplete digestion?)
  7. NotpBS (Steve Koch: Same clone as previous lane, but complete digestion)
  8. NotD (Steve Koch: See lane 2; this is complete digestion with NotI as opposed to SapI)
  9. Not2
  10. Not16
  11. Not21
  12. Empty
  13. Saplib
  14. Notlib
  15. Empty
  16. Anchor

I have been naming tubes weirdly because I've been running into repetitive names. Here I have Sap# and Not# where number is the tube of which there is plasmid plus insert from a given tube (going way back) and Sap/Not is the restriction enzyme that I used to cut said tube. Sap and Notlib are libraries (after a bombing) of gDNA. See these pages:

Lanes (inverted from picture):

  1. Marker (50bp ladder)
  2. Marker (50bp ladder)
  3. NotHP
  4. HP

HP is the hairpin adapter. So this gel didn't work well. I had to run this in a vertical acrylomide gel. I'll have to write the protocol up later.