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Kelly managed to scrounge up some pBluescript and I am transforming them today. This way we can do some ligations with this guy and hope it all works.

Follow the usual protocol.

Minor Changes

Instead of spinning the cells, I will just add about 100uL of the solution to the plates to grow the colonies.

What is pBluescript?

From Wikipedia:

In genetics, pBluescript (pBS) or pBluescript II is a commercially available phagemid containing several useful sequences for use in cloning with bacteriophage. The sequences include a polylinker sequence (MCS), antibiotic resistance sequence to ampicillin and an E. coli and f1 helper phage origin of replication. The polylinker sequence is located within a LacZ controlled gene designed to provide a blue coloration when expressed in bacteria. This is usually achieved via IPTG found in agarose growth media used to culture bacteria with pBS. If the gene is disrupted by successful insertion of a DNA sequence, the bacteria exhibit a white coloration in Blue white screening, distinguishing successful recombination from those phagemids which were not altered. These recombinant plasmids can then be used in a variety of molecular techniques. Gene expression, genomic library etc are some applications which can be used for the pBS recombinants...