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I remembered doing this stuff, but forgot to write it up since it was such a short day at Osley Lab. Anyways. Here is what I did in quick:

  1. prepared:
    • 24ul gDNA
    • 7.5ul NEB Buffer 2
    • 7.5ul 10x BSA
    • 4uL XhoI
    • 32uL H2O
  2. total of 75uL
  3. after 2 hours I added 3uL more XhoI
  4. waited another hour or something
  5. EtOH extraction
  6. This cocktail gave us 42.6ng/uL gDNA after digestion

I also have (in my notebook 1.0) 22ng/uL of pRS DNA. That is probably from the gel extraction.