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The biologists employ the use of a spectrometer to measure how many cells are in solution.


The device works off a control to measure all other samples. In my experiments the control has been an empty solution.

  • YPD for yeast culture
  • 1% SDS with 2-ME (mercaptoethanol) when working with the lyticase

The program

  1. Press any key to begin
  2. load samples with "window" of sample chamber aligned with hole in holder
  3. set program and number of samples
  4. run experiment
  5. collect data


I've yet to figure out the nomenclature of the setup. To me we just get some unitless number (perhaps this is true) and we ultimately want a smaller (or sometimes greater) number. Then we use that number and manipulate it to get the concentration of "particles" that we want. For an example please see User:Anthony Salvagno/Notebook/Research/Yeast_Genomic_DNA_Prep and User:Anthony Salvagno/Notebook/Research/2009/02/05/Spheroplasting Try 1.