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Ant and I worked on making an official Koch Lab Kinesin & Microtubule Logo. This all started because I wanted to make a pixelated version of my green Chuck Taylors. We used the program Pixen which is open source.

Note that the kinesin is carrying a load (the boom box) on the microtubule road and you can see some tubulin heterodimers on it (the darker grey/gray). It also has the appropriate "Koch Lab (KL)" bling i.e. the gold chain. It is made of a "coiled coil" stalk and has two feet. It has feet because I like to call things like they are even if the legacy calls them hands. After looking at this, I think this is more of a mascot than a logo. I think I'll name him Kiney if Ant agrees.

I like my green Chucks, the digital Kiney ones and the ones on my feet.

Other stuff

I should probably also state that I machined the condenser housing and learned all about LabVIEW sub VI creation and some more functions on the pallet. At least this is more "science-y" than a mascot creation.

Steve Koch 01:26, 29 April 2009 (EDT): Kiney says, "Bah!"
  • Anthony Salvagno 12:25, 29 April 2009 (EDT):I just realized, that the merged layers dulled the colors. We thought it was having this effect, but now it is obvious. You can clearly see it under the eyes as that area is a dull bluish gray, but it was originally the same color as the blue near the shoes. Oh well, it still looks sweet. Kiney rocks!