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Mixed 1-Butanol, Mb, Phosphate, KCl

Reaction performed using standard procedures outlined in the entry on September 22, 2014, however the contents of the cuvette were pipetted up and down (to ensure even mixing and prevent the formation of strata in the solution) approximately every 7-10 minutes. Reaction was done with OPD and H2O2, and 1 ml of 1-propanol.

To Do:

  • Remaining reactions for 1-Propanol:
    • KCl in Tris
  • Remaining reactions for Butanol
    • KCl+protein in Phosphate
    • KCl+no protein in Phosphate
    • Protein+KCl in Tris
    • KCl+no protein in Tris
    • No protein+no KCl
  • All reactions for one of the pentanols